Monday, 15 April 2024

Why is aluminum roof better than conventional corrugated iron roof?

Until now, most of the time when designing the type of roof of the factory, the roof of the stadium, or the type of dome connection, the investors as well as the design units immediately think of the use of metal roofs. ordinary corrugated iron. Due to the frequent hot and humid weather, especially in the northern climate, the common phenomenon of corrugated iron roofs is quickly aging and shrinking, leading to a lot of leaks. The switch to handle leaks and find the cause of the leak in metal roofs is time consuming and expensive.

Ordinary corrugated iron roofs easily leak at roof top positions and have screw holes

In addition, with the joints mostly made of metal screws, the connection between the roof and the purlins is easy to oxidize, leading to the phenomenon that in the rainy season the metal roofs are peeled off from the roof, causing danger to the construction works. process as well as the people around.
As a contractor providing total solutions for the exterior of the building, our Epower Company is very proud to completely solve the "pain" of the roof but still leak with the aluminum alloy roof solution.
And here are the outstanding features that “Epower High Seam Aluminum Roof System” compares to conventional corrugated iron roofs:
1. Form of roof panel structure:
- E-Power aluminum roof: there are many types of shapes: straight, curved, fan-curved, curved forward, curved backwards. The smallest curvature radius is 3mm, very clean. The roof panels are linked together by a sheet zip machine, fast and synchronous construction, high quality
- Ordinary corrugated iron roof: There are only common types of straight and curved panels, which are difficult to create a special shape. The connection is mainly based on screws, hammers knock on the collapsible plates, so it is very manual

Construction of aluminum roof at Da Nang airport

2. Weather resistance and integration of roof accessories

Compared with conventional corrugated iron roofs, aluminum roofs are appreciated for their weather resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation and fire resistance because the roof system is composed of many layers, ensuring different functions.
Users can integrate directly on the aluminum roof safety system on the roof, roof door, solar battery ... thanks to the clamp system, clip ...


Install solar panel roof on aluminum roof

Thus, E-power's high-wave aluminum roof system can fully meet the requirements of investors as well as the most demanding design units:
- Low cost: due to the high use value of up to 50 years, about 13kg/m2 can reduce the structure of the whole building at the beginning of design.
- Ensure full customer requirements: sound insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance.
- Installing many applications such as green roof, electric roof, dome and is the future trend of society.
- Easy to install, service and maintain
- Flexibility in design
- Have all the certificates according to international standards
- Suitable for projects such as cultural roofs, multi-purpose gymnasium roofs, airport roofs