Monday, 15 August 2022

Completing the iron billiards gymnasium for Seagame 31

At the 31st SEA Games, ironball has 8 competitions and is expected to have 19 athletes participate, this is one of the content that promises to bring medals to the Vietnamese delegation.
In order to meet the needs of the training ground and playing field of the Department of Snooker, the project of Renovating and upgrading the Badminton Practice and Competition building has been invested by the Joint Stock Company in the construction of civil and infrastructure works. Traffic will assign E-Power contractor to complete the entire cover (including steel structure, metal roof, glass door)


Picture of the Iron Ball Stadium before renovation

Based on the request of the Owner and the actual situation of the Gymnasium, E-Power has proposed to completely change the current conventional aluminum-plastic panel plan with the EuroZip metal roof system stretching without connection. joint and can be bent multi-dimensionally, meeting the requirements of the design
The glass wall has been redesigned to match the new roof system and the EuroProfile system is completely watertight, creating elegance and sustainability for the building. The profile system is durable, completely watertight thanks to the gaskets located in the profile bars. Soundproof glass system, capable of blocking ultraviolet rays, good compression will create comfort for athletes in the process of learning and training.


A completely different look of the gymnasium before and after the renovation

The EuroZip roof system is the perfect choice that E-Power uses for the design of the Iron Ball stadium, because the curved roof system is often difficult to install evenly without causing leakage. EuroZip is a roof system that completely does not use conventional screw connections, synchronously constructed by a sheet Zip machine with storm and north wind resistance up to level 16. Therefore, E-Power has completely convinced the investor. and design consultancy.
Let's count down the days of the upcoming 31st SeaGame in May 2022 and wish the Iron Ball sport to reap many medals for the Vietnamese sports delegation.