Tuesday, 27 February 2024

The appearance of Hue Royal Architecture Station is about to be completed

In December 2019, the T2 terminal of Phu Bai airport was officially started construction. The project is invested by Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) with an initial budget of about 2,250 billion VND, expected to increase passenger capacity from 1.5 million passengers to 5 million passengers per year. mainly serving domestic customers.
Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the plan to put the station into operation was delayed at the end of March 2023.
The roof design of T2 station is inspired by Hue royal architecture with layers of roofs stacked on top of each other, expressing the desire to rise.

The station is designed with 2 floors, 3 floors including 1st floor, mezzanine floor and 2nd floor. Construction area is about 10,118 m2, total construction floor area is about 22,381m2, including works items: passenger terminal; system of floors and roads; car park and synchronous auxiliary items. The terminal has a capacity of 5 million passengers/year, ensuring to serve 2,500 passengers during peak hours

Terminal 2 of Phu Bai international port is expected to promote the socio-economic development of the province and the region, especially tourism services. For that reason, the terminal's facilities are invested with modern equipment and advanced aviation technology, providing many high-quality facilities to serve passengers.
1st floor includes arrival hall, baggage carousel, operation control room, immigration area, port authority, customs, crew room, VIP lounge, lost luggage room, electrical engineering rooms, security control room, medical room, service area, restrooms.
The mezzanine floor includes offices of airlines, air-conditioned rooms, toilets. The 2nd floor includes departure hall, check-in area, security control, exit area, waiting area for boarding, VIP lounge, office, service area, hygiene areas.
Up to this point, it is still mainly focused on welcoming domestic tourists, which are being well recovered; step by step open the door to welcome international tourists according to the instructions; A number of international travel agencies and groups of tourists from some traditional and new markets have come to Hue.

E-Power contractor is very honored to be selected as the supplier and installer of the KalZip aluminum roof system to create a special architectural shape for T2 Phu Bai station. All E-Power employees will try harder to ensure quality, progress, worthy of the trust of the Investor, soon complete the target of putting the station into operation in 2023.