Monday, 15 August 2022

Rodeca polycarbonate roofing sheet – The smart solution of the light roof system.

Polycarbonate plastic is made from polymer fibers but is tightly bonded by a carbon group. So it is easy to work and hot bend. Today poly is widely used in industry and construction thanks to its electrical insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance and extremely high strength.
Hollow polycarbonate roofing sheets are composed of stacking poly sheets that insulate between the small gaps both to create strength for the roof and to keep the sheet weight as light as possible. The hollow roofing sheets commonly used for roofing have a thickness of 10 - 20 mm and used to make partitions, from 30 to 40 mm.

Installing a swimming pool roof on the 46th floor with hollow polycarbonate roofing

Installing a swimming pool roof on the 46th floor with hollow polycarbonate roofing

Based on the characteristics of the product, poly is 200 times stronger than glass and 10 times stronger than ordinary plastic. Due to the ease of processing, poly sheet can be coated with a UV protection layer to protect the life of the sheet and the safety of the user. For high-rise buildings or with roof load requirements, poly sheet is the perfect choice because it is quite light in weight, only 10% of the glass load.
People also prefer poly roofing sheets because of their diverse color palette, meeting the aesthetic and feng shui requirements of the investor.

Application of hollow poly sheet as a roof for the villa area

Some applications in the construction of this product can be mentioned such as: Civil works of households such as making porches, roofs for balconies, roofs for terraces, roofs for swimming pools...
With more than 10 years of experience in construction and finishing works, E-power has completed many roofs of swimming pools, halls, and bridges with polycarbonate materials and received positive feedback from customers. E-Power is also a direct distributor of Rodeca roofing products, which are imported from the Federal Republic of Germany. The use of joint-free, glue-free, completely watertight seals has made Rodeca the top choice for hollow polycarbonate sheet. If you need advice and installation of Rodeca roofing products, please contact + 84 964 284 422 for the earliest support.