Sunday, 04 December 2022

List 4 types of effective heat-resistant roofs of modern architecture

Climate change has made the summer weather more and more hot and uncomfortable. The demand for sun protection and heat protection has also increased dramatically and becomes a big challenge for architects when designing works.
From here, materials that are environmentally friendly and have sound insulation properties have been widely applied, reducing the pressure on the air conditioning needs of buildings.
Some popular roof types are considered as heat resistant trends in modern architecture

1. Bamboo roof
Bamboo is considered a traditional material, has been used for a long time as roofing or as a structure to support the thatched roof. This type of eco-friendly roof is popular in resorts and tourism projects because of its comfortable style and emotion that is difficult to replace. Another advantage of this material is that it is light and thin, after surface treatment, it has very good water resistance, is also a sustainable material, so it is very suitable for tropical resorts.


Legend of bamboo in Phu Quoc

2. EuroZip -  Green Roof
EuroZip aluminum roof system with 65mm high roof ridge is the perfect choice to become a comprehensive green roof system. Composed of many different layers, including heat-resistant, soundproof, and thermal insulation, EuroZip converges all the elements of a smart roof system when it's 10 times lighter than a concrete roof and integrates subsystems. easily through clamp, clip without physical impact to change roof structure.
The roof system stretches without joints and is linked together by a Zip machine, creating a uniform and durable, completely waterproof, which has been a popular trend in Europe for decades. Thanks to its outstanding features, EuroZip has gradually been accepted by Vietnamese architects through many famous projects such as the Cultural House of Dong Anh district, the Children's Palace in the South of Bac Ninh province, and the gymnasium of Iron Ball. – My Dinh… and highly appreciated by investors and design consultants.

EuroZip roof integrates green roof and solar battery roof.

3. E-Power Lowseam aluminum roof – The perfect solution for the roof of villas and villas.
In terms of structural components, the basic E-power Lowseam also includes 5 layers of sound insulation, heat insulation, fireproofing and a thermal expansion clip system, making the links stable without the use of screw glue. The 25mm roof ridge also allows the integration of a solar system or other accessories on the roof. E-power Lowseam is widely applied as roof system, ceiling system, facade system in a number of projects such as Bac Giang Gymnasium, Dong Anh district gymnasium, Van Don airport, Ba Na castle roof and so on. especially the complex of villas and villas. The use of Lowseam roof system allows homeowners to use the attic as a normal living room without worrying about heat and noise.
A villa using Lowseam roof
4. Fired brick roof
Fired bricks are also considered an environmentally friendly solution and are now widely used in hot climates like southern Vietnam. The curve of the tiles allows good airflow underneath, keeping the interior cool. Besides, terracotta roof tiles are more resistant to high temperature and wind and absorb less water.
Burnt brick roof is also an eco-friendly choice favored by architects

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