Thursday, 09 February 2023


Products used: EuroZip aluminum roof, aluminum ceiling, glazed glass roof.
Location: Diplomatic Corps Area, Do Nhuan Street, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem...
Products used: EuroZip sheet, Aluminum cladding, Polycarbonate sheet, Anti-slip...
Product used: EuroZip roofing sheet
Products used: Rodeca panels - Polycarbonate smart light panels imported from...
Products used: Lowseam aluminum roof, Polycarbonate light roof
Products used: Aluminum roof, anti-slip system
Product used: Flatzip aluminum alloy roof, Eurozip roof, glass roof and glass...
Products used: EuroZip aluminum roof, aluminum facade
Products used: Steel structure, glass roof, decorative aluminum trim.
Products used: Eurozip aluminum panels, Flatzip aluminum ceiling panels.
Products used: Solid aluminum panels, decorative louver, steel frames.
Products used: Aluminium composite panel
Products used: EuroZip aluminum roof system, Flatzip aluminum ceiling system.
Products used: Flatzip aluminum alloy roof, steel frames.
Products used: System of corrugated iron, glass roof, Polycacbonate roof.