Monday, 20 May 2024

Completing the project of Cultural House in Dong Anh district

Cultural House in Dong Anh district, Hanoi is a grade II cultural work of national standard, invested by Dong Anh District People's Committee. The project has a unique architecture with a truss roof system with a large space of 7,000 m2, creating an impressive highlight in Dong Anh district, Hanoi city.

Dong Anh chemical restaurant project seen through satellite images

The Dong Anh Cultural House project is a very important mark in the development of E-power. With the application of Design and build form to the production and construction process throughout the entire project.
Starting from coordinating with designers to have material and construction options on 3D models, E-Power handles joints, interfaces, and components in the office with a drawing system before sending it home. machines for production and transfer to the construction site

The process of completing the EuroZip mái roof system

Based on the actual requirements of the project, which is a 45m long aluminum roof without joints, 15m long ceiling panels in the shape of a radial fan, E-Power chooses a production option at the foot of the project to ensure the quality of the project. product
The hoisting system is responsible for bringing the roof panels to the installation area safely, avoiding the risk of warping or scratching the paint color.
The EuroZip roof system with good sound insulation, long span and multi-dimensional bendability has perfectly met the architectural requirements of the building.
The E-Power Lowseam ceiling system is said to be a smart solution that E-Power proposes to replace conventional panels in the original design, because the links are thanks to the Zip technology of the panels instead of using glue and screws. creating an overall aesthetic ceiling system and safe from weather changes.

Lowseam ceiling system is a perfect choice

More than 1 year of efforts in construction in difficult conditions of the covid-19 epidemic, scarcity of production materials and price increases, E-Power has successfully completed the construction progress according to the expectations of the Board of Directors. project management.
The entire intention of the design from the simulation of the image of a bronze drum with the emphasis on decorative patterns and the bright moon has been transformed in the most realistic way from 3D drawings to the finished reality.


E-Power will always try to improve and make more efforts in the future, to realize the creativity of architects and satisfy even the most demanding investors.