Tuesday, 12 December 2023

Optimal fireproof solution for facade systems

Along with the development of society, aluminum roofing panels are increasingly becoming an irreplaceable material with a simple structure, diverse colors and sizes, suitable for many different architectural styles. “Among so many aluminum roofing brands, why should I choose Alubond USA?” This is a question that Epower receives quite a lot and in this article we will answer why you should choose Alubond USA for your facade system.

The birth of Alubond USA

 Alubond USA was originally researched and developed from the United Arab Emirates, a place famous for its skyscrapers and massive buildings with unique, one-of-a-kind designs. There, Alubond USA is manufactured using the most modern technology, with a 7-layer design with the main structure being 2 layers of aluminum, 1 fireproof core standard A1/ A2/ B2/ B1.



Advantages for Alubond USA to become the choice of architects

Some outstanding advantages of Alubond USA make this product a priority material when architects think of cladding panels as follows:
- Beautiful color palette, suitable for many shapes and sizes such as round and curved panels, meeting the aesthetics and uniqueness of each architect's design.
- Aluminum surface is series 3 - the best aluminum material in our country today, durability over 20 years, suitable for all types of harsh climates.
- The core is made from petroleum products, making the finished product more cost effective, fireproof and environmentally friendly.
- Easy to construct, install, maintain and clean.
- Large market around the world: the Middle East region alone has assembled 11 million m2, 50 million m2 in more than 80 other countries, and has extensive experience in joint ventures with many large contractors and corporations.
- The product warranty period after completing the project is 1 year, the glue connecting the layers is also warranted for peeling and splitting for up to 10 years.
- Many applications in interior and exterior decorative cladding of buildings such as high-rise buildings, hotels, supermarkets, subway stations; making billboards, column covers and other applications in advertising...

So why Alubond USA and not other products?

We have listed some advantages of Alubond USA compared to some other brands currently on the market as follows:

For that reason, even though Alubond USA has not appeared in Vietnam for a long time, it has scored a lot in the eyes of architects. E-power is pleased to be the professional construction unit of this panel.