Monday, 15 April 2024

Take a look at the impressive gymnasium project in Vietnam

Originating from the need to develop and maintain cultural and sports values in the localities, in recent years, sports stadiums of provinces and districts have been invested and built methodically. , modern. According to new design standards learned and inherited from famous buildings in the world, the multi-purpose gymnasium must fully meet the standards of area, sound, light, evacuation criteria. and disperse people as well as facilities for sports competitions. Since then, the design of the safety cover structure, sound insulation and heat insulation has also been innovated to suit the very high general requirements of the building.
Instead of using corrugated iron and canvas roofs, which often leak, absorb water, and degrade the building, the architects have gradually replaced the new material, which is a high-wave aluminum roofing sheet (65mm) - a type of material. New material does not use joints and is extremely durable. High-wave aluminum roof is a commonly used material at airport passenger terminals, where there are strict regulations on the quality and aesthetics of the building.
Let's review with E-Power some famous gymnasium projects in Vietnam that are using high-wave aluminum roof systems:
1. Bac Giang Gymnasium – Kalzip aluminum roof
Kalzip aluminum roof is a product completely imported from the Federal Republic of Germany, has 50 years of experience in the field of metal roofs with thousands of large and small projects on all continents. Products are researched and developed as well as improved details suitable for the weather conditions of each region. Bac Giang gymnasium is not only a highlight of the province's urban landscape, but also meets national standards with an intelligent lighting system applying IoT. This project was also designed by Bac Giang architects with the shape of a kite reaching out in the middle of a rich countryside. The complex is made up of harmonious pieces as a reminder of the Quan Ho region "Siamese clothes three and seven" are drifting along with the lyrics "people who live in don't come back". The building has also partly shown the functional-binding shape for a new sportiness with dynamic shape.

2. Iron Ball Stadium – EuroZip . aluminum roof
EuroZip is the perfect solution that the architects used to replace the degraded alubond roofing of the snooker stadium. Using high-wave aluminum roofing sheets is a new change for the gymnasium, both ensuring aesthetic criteria and high applicability in use because the training area inside the building has been introduced. into use without worrying about leaks, heat, and noise. Thanks to the ability to bend 3D, multi-dimensional, EuroZip is very suitable for projects with pitched roofs, round roofs, curved roofs, soft buildings that are sent by architects to different messages.

3. Dong Anh District Gymnasium – EuroZip . Aluminum Roof
The construction project of the multi-purpose gymnasium under the construction project of green areas for sports and fitness in Dong Anh district was built on a plot of land with an area of ​​about 33 hectares with a total investment of VND 672 billion. Currently, the project has completed the rough part of 90%, and is in the process of completing the final stages
The design idea is stylized by the image of the turtle shell of the god Kim Quy, an image associated with the legend of the legendary Tortoise of the ancient citadel of Loa - Dong Anh. to create the appearance of the kite flying up, in line with the district's socio-economic development orientation.